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Summer Enrichment Program


Schedule: July 2, 2019 -Aug 30, 2019

The Learning Solution Summer Enrichment Program is unlike any class your child has ever experienced. Our students not only have fun in the classroom, but also develop critical reasoning skills and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning processes required to solve advanced math problems and required English Language Arts .



Morning Session: 10AM-12 Noon.

Afternoon Session: 1:00PM-3:00PM, 3:00PM-5:00PM.

Evening Session: 5:00PM-7:00PM.

Choose 1month or 2 months program, with 1 or 2 days per week.

Why Enrichment is essential?

Good math and language skills are critical to success in school. Unfortunately, many children never grasp the fundamentals and some even develop math-related anxieties. Some children never exposed to adequate exposure or a helping hand to learn the content in Mathematics and Language Arts at their grade level. Comprehensive and research-based Enrichment Program customized to grade level will help children to stay abreast with their school work and overall brain development.

We boost the confidence in the children by applying research based teaching methodology “Blended Approach of Traditional Learning and 21st Century Learning”.This is a Preparatory Program for kids going to next grade. Students will feel confident when they go to school for the next grade level.We will focus on Mathemetics and Language Arts during this program.

Mathematics: Appropiate grade level: Numbers and Operations – elementary school arithmetic from simple counting through fractions and beyond. Measurement – measurement concepts, including telling time and counting money. Geometry – characteristics and properties of geometric shapes. Algebra - patterns, relations, functions, use of models and algebraic symbols. Data Analysis - collecting, organizing, displaying and analyzing data

English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Spellings, Grammer


  • Full instruction, Rigor and Practice
  • Interactivity enhances the learning experience
  • Feedback is immediate to keep kids engaged
  • Parents Feedback
  • Bite-sized lessons provide flexibility
  • 1-4 teacher student ratio.
  • Home work assignments


Grades 4weeks/8 hours/month 4weeks/16 hours/month
  Fees Fees
PreK-K $80 $152
K-Grade 1 $84 $160
Gr 1- Gr 2 $88 $168
Gr 2- Gr 3 $93 $176
Gr 3- Gr 4 $97 $185
Gr 4- Gr 5 $102 $194
Gr 5- Gr 6 $107 $204
Gr 6- Gr 7 $118 $224
Gr 7- Gr 8 $130 $246
Gr 8- Gr 9 $143 $271
HighSchool $186 $352


1.What will my child learn?

While traditional teaching generally focuses on the memorization and application of algorithms, 21st Century Learning helps students develop advanced problem-solving skills in an interactive environment full of fun games, stories and puzzles. Student will be exposed strictly to Alberta Curriculum at their grade level.We use a blended Approach to enforce and proven success method “Rigor, Relevance and Results”

2. What is included in the fees?

FREE PLACEMENT Assesment ,Customized Instruction, Study Materials, 10% Extra Off on regular year round program & GST

3. What this program about ?

We recognize that many children have not mastered essential skills that are appropriate for their grade level, such as multi-digit multiplication and long division and fraction arithmetic and we teach those skills well and help children to master them.We do not offer one-on-one tutoring at this time, though, and if a child has been determined to be well below grade level in math by his or her teacher, a one-on-one tutoring program would be more appropriate. Although our class sizes are small, we offer whole-class instruction only. Core instruction and enrichment problems: We provide quality instruction in core mathematics topics and we also provide math enrichment problems for children who are in need of extra challenge. All children are expected to participate in the core instruction portion of the class.

4. When and where the classes are provide ?

All classes will run weekdays 2:00 PM to 8:00PM at Educonserv Inc-Learning Solutions, 143- 5120 47 St NE,(2nd Floor) Calgary T3J-4K3.

5.  What are the criteria for acceptance?

 Due to high demand of this program, we will only register children by first come first serve basis who will be going to the rades K-9 in September 2018.  .Our program is designed to supplement the education of school going children. Homeschooled children also will be considered, at our discretion, if space is still available. At this time we are not equipped to engage children with special needs,you can discuss with the director about your situation. Students will be accepted only by the commitment/fees paid of atleast 1 month progra

6. How will classes be assigned?

Parents may choose the number of weeks their child to attend and starting day as well provided that capacity has not been reached on that particular day/week. Children will be grouped with other students who have a similar educational background and/or by grade & age. Children will be assigned into  the program based on a combination of factors, which include the following:

Whether the child has previously attended the program,the child's current school grade,Our observation and assessment of the child's academic skill set.

Maximum 5 Students per teacher. We understand that a child may wish to be in a classroom with a particular friend and, while this will be taken into consideration, our primary concern in assigning classes is to optimize the learning environment for all children in a given class.

7. Do you require children to write tests or quizzes?

After students have been working on a topic for a reasonable amount of time, we give students notice that there will be an assesment of some sort  on that topic in  the following class. We feel that it is important to asses the skills learned ,so that teachers, children and parents are aware of whether the material has been mastered. Also, we feel that writing tests and quizzes provides important experience for students that will prepare them for later academic experiences.

8. What will be expected after the program?

Our program is designed to ensure that children succeed in mathematics and Language Arts. We have high expectations in terms of behaviour, work ethic and attendance. Children are expected to come to class willing to learn. They are expected to attend class every day and on time, to be polite and respectful to their teachers and classmates and to complete assigned daily homework.

9. How much homework will my child be expected to do for the program?

In order for children to succeed in mathematics and to develop confidence in their math abilities, they must practice concepts and skills regularly. Since we want children to succeed, we assign a reasonable amount of weekly homework that reinforces concepts learned in class and children are required to turn in homework at the next  class. We also provide optional bonus enrichment problems for children who are interested in doing extra challenging mathematics.

10. What will the partnership with parents look like?

Teachers may suggest activities that parents can do with children to help reinforce concepts learned in class. Understanding the Fact parents are the first teacher to child we need parents co-operation in the process of Learning and Teaching.We expect parents to support their child's learning process by ensuring that their child attends class regularly and on time, completes assigned homework regularly and prepares for class quizzes. Parents are responsible for going over material that was covered during a missed class prior to the following class.

Please contact us for more information

Information for existing students:

Existing Students(any student who has been using our service for 3 consecutive months during last school calender year) get 25 FLAT disposted regular fee.No other discounts/coupons are valid. No counting hours.Choose 1 month program or 2  months program. This is to help our students to maintain the consistency of skills they have been learning and demonstrating.

Enroll Now: Call 4034575045,,4036672351

For Quick Response Text :4036672351


Walk in:  Suite 143(second floor), 5120 47 St NE calgary T3J-4K3.