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Work Place Readiness Professional Skills

Program Name: Work Place Readiness Professional Skills.

Course Code: ISS 14

Description: Although a variety of work readiness programs exist to help workers prepare for employment opportunities.this program is  dedicated to helping immigrant professionals develop work readiness standards. This provides work readiness skill assessments that measure relationship building, oral and written communication, reading, math and problem solving skills.

Couse Length:20 hours

When Offered: monthly, evening 2hrs Mon-Fri 6PM-8PM

Registration: Ongoing


Job candidates who possess workplace readiness skills are more appropriate for most job openings than candidates who lack job readiness skills. Employers seek candidates who display the aptitude to perform the necessary skills. Candidates with workplace readiness skills are employable because they make sound decisions, have the capacity to acquire new knowledge and easily adapt to various work situations. this course focusses on personality development, Attentive Communications, team Management and Customer service skills


Eligible Clients must be:

  • Permanent residents and Protected Persons (IRPA Section 95) with minimum CLB levels of 7,7,6,6.
  • Open to immigrants and General Public
  • Ready, willing and able to complete the program.
  • Commitment to have minimum attendance 90%
  • Intake assessment and acceptance into the program.





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