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Social Media Marketing -Workshop

Program Name: Social Media Marketing Workshop.

Course Code: ISS 15


This course is designed for immigrants and general public those who are interested in marketing  and persuing or planning to persue their career in marketing. Social media is a staple of modern life. It is so enmeshed in the way that we communicate that companies have little choice but to engage social media as part of their marketing strategy. Before implementing any social media strategies, you should take the time to understand the benefits as well as the risks of using different social media platforms to reach current and potential customers.

With our “Social Media and Marketing” workshop, participants will discover the specifics of how to effectively use social media marketing and its pros and cons.

Couse Length: 40 hours

When Offered: Monthly, 1PM-5PM Mon-Fri

Registration:  Ongoing,Registrations are done 1 month prior to the class start date


The course will cover marketing strategies in all social media, such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn,Tumbler,Pintrest, Instgram, Snapchat, Google + and Tweeter.

Students will

  • Understand different social media platforms
  • Identify audience
  • Monitor and measure performance
  • Consider pros and cons before making decisions.
  • Able to find a job easily in this field.


Eligible Clients must be:

  • Permanent residents and Protected Persons (IRPA Section 95) with minimum CLB levels of 7,7,6,6.
  • Open to immigrants and General Public
  • Ready, willing and able to complete the program.
  • Commitment to have minimum attendance 90%
  • Intake assessment and acceptance into the program.





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