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Heather Sanregret: Learning and Development, Human Resources,

“We are fortunate to partner with ECSI Training in the development and delivery of the Essentials in Management Professional Development  program. Targeted to first time supervisors and managers, this customized program is consistent with our vision and values and further enhances our strong learning culture. The program is a blended format that includes in-class and online modules designed to help our employees build knowledge and skills to effectively manage others. The training is offered in Calgary completing the program is an essential part of being an effective leader in our organization.”

MELISSA GRIFFITH  I need to choose a career path based on my skills and desires, make sure it is something I enjoy doing. Investigate by talking to people who are in the business. Find a career that keeps a good balance between work and life. 2015-08-31

Kokayi Eldridge  I really enjoyed the presentation of this topic and will use the information contained as I plan my next career move of passion. Much of the topics were already known to me but it was nice to have a refresher and gain some new, helpful insights in negotiating my next career position and how to conduct myself during salary negotiations. This is a course every young professional should take. 2015-08-26

ROBIN PHILLIPS I really enjoyed the information and it was definitely a refresher for me since I am in transition. Thank you!!! 2015-08-26

Zee Denny I have learned important details on this course about planning my carrear path, bottom line be sure of what you want to do, and communicate it affectedly direct to the person that you are going to be working with. 2015-08-26

Nicole Serrano This course offered very good points and advice to prepare yourself for deciding a new career or starting a new job. Its very quick and easy to follow. 2015-08-21

Diane Hillman Pretty good advice for people who aren't sure what to do about their career path 2015-08-20

ERIC FREILICH Well presented - informative and to the point. 2015-08-19

Kimberly Bright I think it helped me a lot with know how to choose my career path. Knowing what to do and what not to do. 2015-08-15

Amara NnebedumThis course should guide learners to understand their career interests as well as the various career options, so that the learner can be able to choose a suitable career after studying the course. 2015-08-10 15:08:50

Trish Staples  I found this course really informative and the tips were all very good. I am looking forward to taking and using some of this advice in my own career and advancements.

Deepak Singh:The training period with ECSI was really a turning point in my life. I saw myself getting transformed and maturing because the guidance given to me by the ECSI faculty - especially the Director who have tremendous  experience. Today, just because of the education and training I had received from ECSI i am successful. The success story doesn't end here.  I would like to thank ECSI and the faculty members. ?


Tutoring Program:

I highly recommend it! I have tried Renert and Tutor Dr too but this one is the best so far! All instructors are PHD graduate with organized teaching style, plenty hand outs and resources. Give it a try and see the difference yourself!


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