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Business Communications

What is Business Communication?

Business Communication is the sharing of information between people within an enterprise that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. In addition, business communication can also refer to how a company shares information to promote its product or services to potential consumers.

 Upon successful completion of this course, students will have learned


•Understand business communication in today’s workplace and global business environment.

•Commit to ethical communication, distinguish between ethical dilemmas and ethical lapses, and make ethical choices in communication.

• Use communication technology effectively.

• Communicate in an intercultural environment.

• Improve his/her grammar skills to produce clear, effective business communication.

• Communicate effectively in teams, collaborate in writing.

• Hold productive meetings and use various meeting technologies.

• Improve his/her listening and nonverbal communication skills.

• Apply key etiquette points for when you’re in the workplace, out in public, and online.

• Create effective email, text, and instant messages, as well as business blogs and podcasts.

• Write effective business messages by being sensitive to the audience’s needs, building strong relationships, controlling one’s style and tone, and choosing powerful words.

• Create effective sentences and coherent paragraphs.

• Completing business messages by evaluating first drafts, improving readability, and editing for clarity and conciseness.

• Improve one’s writing for the Web (microblogging, blogging, social networking skills.)

• Use electronic media for business communication: networking, UGC, and community Q&A sites.

• Develop effective strategies to write routine requests, replies, and positive messages.

• Apply effective use of both direct and indirect approaches to writing.

• Effectively plan and write negative messages for routine business matters, organizational news, and responding to negative information in a social media environment.

• Plan and develop effective persuasive messages, marketing and sales messages, and promotional messages for social media, while maintaining high ethical and legal standards.

• Understand and plan reports and proposals with supportive, reliable information through secondary and primary research.

• Plan for informational and analytical reports, and proposals.

• Write and complete reports and proposals, draft online content, collaborate on wikis, and illustrate effective visuals in reports.

• Develop oral and online presentations using the three-step process, and how to deliver them


Course Schedule:

  • Business Communication or English Language learning is an Adult Learners course which is available on Weekends only
  • This course comprises of 32hours of classes in 8 weekends
  • We also have a provision of additional classes, for which additional charges are applicable
  • We are flexible with the class timings
  • You can opt for either 2 classes each /day or 4 classes/day as per your convenience
  • Cancellation of classes should be informed at least 24hours prior to the scheduled class, in order to avoid the late cancellation charges.


Fee Structure:

The fee structure for Business communication is as follows,

  • 1 Person: $495 + GST
  • Group of 2-5 people: $445 + GST
  • Group of 6-10 people: $395 + GST

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