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Accounting Fundamentals

 Accounting Fundamentals

Brief Description:

This course is an introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of accounting as a device for reporting business activity. It provides the student with an understanding of the underlying theory and principles of accounting. The construction of financial statements as they evolve from business transactions and records is emphasized.

The rational synthesis of raw data into useful summary form in financial statements underlies all aspects of this course. Mathematical skills, critical thinking, computer use and effective communications are important parts of student participation.

Course Duration :40 hours (An additional 2 to 3 hours of homework per night is expected during this course)

Delivery:Instructor-led and practical hands-on training. Weeken only Schedule.

Fees: Please Contact 403-4575045

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Define the role of accounting in the business environment
  • Use standard accounting methods and tools to record business transactions
  • Explain measuring business income and the adjusting process
  • Define the accounting cycle and the procedure for completing it
  • Describe merchandising operations in the context of the accounting cycle
  • Perform accounting for merchandise inventory

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