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8 Weeks Communicative English for Adults
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 8 weeks (40 hours) Effective Communication Program

 Next Class Start Date: February 19, 2018 (Register Now)

Among all language skills, speaking is more difficult than reading, listening and writing. Speaking English or for that matter any language cannot be learnt easily unless the students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in it. It is important to learn English in English, to improve your speaking skill. Learning to speak English is quite challenging, and that is the reason why many institutes fail to serve as they promise.

Our English Improvement program is in an instructor led classroom setting, lays emphasis on learning to speak English fluently. There are elaborate lessons, which deals with improving spoken English skills and also helps you in building upon your self-confidence. There are listening and speaking exercises in the course for students on a one to one interaction with instructors on Skype or Phone. It helps in learning correct pronunciation of most commonly used words. Since it is interactive, the candidates will be able to improve their communication skills. 

‘Practice’ is the most important thing to be kept in mind while learning to speak English. It is not important to speak English like a native English speaker but it is more important to speak correct English. The best way to speak good English is to keep it simple and crisp. This course will help you learn everyday usage of the language.

How does this course help me?

Today corporate English has evolved as the most important language for business communication. English is used in the offices are bit different from our regular English. There are various jargons, which can only be associated with business communication. Business English is not just about speaking good and proper English; writing is also one of the significant factors for communicating in English.

Business English or Office English is given special importance in our English Improvement Course. There are special inputs on English used for corporate purpose. The special official conversation and business English inputs are incorporated in the course by us. There are videos in the course which are not just about Business English but proper etiquette and conduct in the office is also taught including body postures, table manners and other corporate conducts.

Business English course is an English language course for specific purpose and not only native English speakers but also non native speakers need to work for this. The communication in English is a great way to create an impression in your work place, especially in Canada. A good English communication skill is an added advantage for employees in all fields of work.

There are many institutions which are completely dedicated towards developing Business English communication. Both written and communicative English are given priority in these courses. Some of the best ways to develop Business English Communication is given below.

Practice makes a man perfect and for developing English language communication practice with professionals is required.

  • Business English can be learnt by communicating with the seniors and colleagues and learning from them.
  • Working in native English speaking countries can be another best way to developing English language skills.
  • Writing down new words learnt and applying them in future is another effective way to learn.
  • Learning business idioms, business phrasal verbs and also learning its usage is very important.

Program Schedule and Fees

The course is flexible and is designed to accommodate the needs of Students and Working Professionals. Students can take the advantage of the continuing their full time occupation and attend their classes through conveniently organized materials and assignments. This provides the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the studies to real life situations and in the process they are paid handsomely by the industry also.

Program Schedule: 40 hours

Monday-Thursday 1:00PM-3:30 PM

choose any 2 days/week

Fees: $ 599 + GST

For group registration

Option-1: Group of 2-4 students: $549 +GST

Option-2: Group of 5 and more students: $499 +GST


Fees can be paid by Credit Card  /Check / Cash / bank draft / Bank transfer

Note: This fee does not include all  program materials and assignments. Special fee applies for extra materials, addition time and breaks.


Course highlights:

Instructor: Mr. Sunil Das

About the instructor:  This course is designed, developed and taught by Sunil Das. Sunil Das has masters in Sciences and MPhil in Physics,BEd and Education Specialist(Ed.S) degree from Columbus State University, USA. He taught high school and post-secondary Mathematics and Physics. Along with the above he also taught graduate courses in Teaching and Learning methods, Pedagogy, and Neuro Psychology in education etc. Sunil Das has 23 years experience in teaching secondary, post-secondary, university and vocational schools. currently he is teaching all business programs(Project Management, Human Resources Management, Business Processes, Bus Information Systems, Finance Management Effective Business Writing and Digital Marketing) in one of the educational institutions in Calgary. He has excellent command and reputation in teaching, evaluating and motivating his students.


 Following the completion of this course, you will be able to.

  • How to speak, write and communicate effectively.
  • Understand business communications in today’s workplace
  • Communicate in teams using listening, nonverbal and meeting skills
  • Plan, write and review various types of business messages
  • Communicate effectively using memos, email, letters and instant messages
  • Plan, write and deliver oral presentations


• Succeeding through effective communication
• Communicating in today’s global business environment
• Exploring the communication process
• Committing to ethical communication
• Communicating in a world of diversity
• Using communication technology effectively


• Communicating effectively in teams
• Collaborating on communication efforts
• Making your meetings more productive
• Improving your listening skills
• Improving your nonverbal communication skills
• Developing your business etiquette

Week 3
• Understanding the three-step writing process
• Analyzing the situation
• Gathering information
• Selecting the write medium
• Organizing your message

Week 4
• Being sensitive to your audience’s needs
• Building strong relationships with your audience
• Controlling your style and tone
• Composing your message using powerful words
• Creating effective sentences
• Crafting coherent paragraphs
• Using technology to compose and shape your messages


Reading, writing and speaking Activities


Reading, writing and speaking Activities


• The three-step oral presentation process
• Planning a presentation
• Developing a presentation
• Enhancing your presentation with effective visuals
• Completing a presentation
• Delivering a presentation

Week 8- Final

  1. Common Errors and how deal with them
  2. Formal Evaluation based on writing
  3. Review- What we Learned
  4. Exam with presentation
  5. Certification and Awards


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