Educational Consultancy & Services Inc. Learning Solutions

Our Mission & Vision

Educational Consultancy Services Inc. is an affordable learning solution for school children, adult learners.

The main aim of this organization to provide grade school children with better guidance and coaching. Immigrants coming from different parts of the world have lot of dreams to accomplish in Canadian soil. Often facing cultural and ideological differences people tend to deviate from their goals and dreams. With a proper guidance and exposure one can definitely be on track.

Educonserv created a customized educational opportunities to meet the need of the children at school and also adults at work or looking for work.

Recognizing ECSI-Learning Solutions - A Brand Standalone

Birth of Educonserv – a brand itself is not an overnight accomplishment but the outcome of the persistent hard work compounded with perseverance and patience of the visionary Mr. Sunil Das. He dreams of making it a brand and resolved to steer it to unparalleled height, which will be later followed by its committed faculties and students. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Education in India, USA and Canada this company is committed to provide educational solutions efficiently and economically to the community

Now, it is in the beginning phase of becoming a phenomenon of sorts; and will keep on evolving to newer vistas of excellence. With this short time it is recognized for Quality, Punctuality and Commitment besides guiding students and making their dreams possible. Its contribution in strengthening the generation as well as the community is immense.

Our Vision

Educonserv Inc.-Learning Solutions is an emerging provider of Educational Solutions in the forms of Tutoring, Training and Consultations in the city to work for the holistic enhancement of society by virtue of imparting quality coaching & guidance to school children and adults, and help them realize their dreams of becoming a successful adults. Every employee should be trained efficiently and periodically in order to achieve maximum productivity.
  1. Exploring their inherent potential and providing meticulous guidance
  2. Fueling Students  tempo of hard work supplementing with quality coaching
  3. Emphasizing the  philosophy “I can & I will”
  4. Boosting their morale and self-confidence to help them realize their aspirations.
  5. Helping parents to make these programs accessible and affordable.
  6. Helping corporate to train their staff with minimum budget.