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After school tutoring classes for Elementary, Jr. High & High School students.

Elementary Grades (1 to 6) Tutoring

Our Most Popular Program. We provide tutoring services in Reading, Writing, Grammar and Mathematics to grades 1 through 6.

Jr. High School Tutoring

After school tutoring services for 7th ,8th & 9th graders. We tutor Mathematics, Science and English LA.

High School Tutoring

After school high school level tutoring services. We provide qualified tutors for Math 10C, 20-1,20-2,30-1,30-2, Physics 20,30, Chem 20,30, & Bio 20,30.

Welcome to Learning Solutions, Calgary

Learning Solutions established in June 2014. Our Motto: Helping parents/guardians to educate their child(ren) by maximizing their potential, and with a belief "Every Student can Learn and Succeed with right Exposure and Guidance". We are the upcoming leader in providing educational solutions in Calgary NE.

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Our Students most benefited from

Tutoring, Personalized Teaching

Customized One-on-One Tutoring

One-On-One Tutoring. Tutoring takes place here with CARE. The director himself sits with each and every child and parent. Before handing over to the right match tutor we asses the student difficulties, requirements and especially how and what can help the student to learn well and comfortably. Your chid is in "safe hands" We make sure 100% Success is achieved over time.

Periodic tests & quizzes

We provide customized paper and online quizzes to assess the progress. After all assessment is a vital key element towards success. This builds confidence in learning.


We provide customized homework. We balance the rigor, relevance and fun. Our students enjoy our homework verymuch.

Why to choose Edconserv Inc ?

Why Learning Solutions?

Tutoring Grades from 1 to 12

We provide Tutoring Services from Grade 1 to 12 for Maths, Science, and English.

Personalized one-on-one Tutoring

We provide personalized tutoring services. We listen to parents and students. We always thrive to find ways to help the children.

High School Math & Science

We Provide High School Math & Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) tutoring classes. Personalized attention provided! Great worksheets and notes customized to the requirements. Diploma prep materials are also provided with care. We value your time here with CARE.

Why to choose  Edconserv Inc ?

Online High School Courses

We provide tutoring for students who are enrolled in online courses. We are equipped with latest computers for our students.

Grades 1-9 Comprehensive Curriculum

We provide comprehensive curriculum for grades 1-9. Parents don't have to worry about what to tutor. We got you covered on this. We assess and teach with a blended approach of Mathematics, Science and English Language Arts.

Summer Enrichment Program Grades 1-9

Our most popular Summer Enrichment program runs for 8 weeks long. We teach bridging curriculum during the summer. Students will have confidence before starting a new academic year

  • What we do

    We help students to develop work ethic, enjoy their studies, love to do their homework. We prepare for the grade level they are in school. We strongly believe every student can excel in his/her grades by proper guidance and help.

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  • Welcome to Learning Solutions, Calgary

    Learning Solutions established in June 2014. Our Motto: Helping parents/guardians to educate their child(ren) by maximizing their potential, and with a belief "Every Student can Learn and Succeed with right Exposure and Guidance". We are the upcoming leader in providing educational solutions in Calgary NE.

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  • Our Mission & Vision

    Educational Consultancy Services Inc. is an affordable learning solution for school children, adult learners. The main aim of this organization to provide grade school children with better guidance and coaching. Immigrants coming from different parts of the world have lot of dreams to accomplish in Canadian soil. Often facing cultural and ideological differences people tend to deviate from their goals and dreams. With a proper guidance and exposure one can definitely be on track. Learning Solutions created a customized educational opportunities to meet the need of the children at school and also adults at work or looking for work.

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  • Our Values

    Our Values: Educational Consultancy Services Inc, is an affordable learning solution for school children mostly focusing on the overall growth and achievement of young minds by providing quality guidance and care through our tutoring programs.

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Our Teachers

Under the Brand of "Educonserv Inc", Learning Solutions founded by our own Executive Director Sunil Das. With a great exposure to Education and Learning in Secondary, Post-secondary, Technical and Vocational education for more than 20 years, he started to envision to innovate a great place to learn for children. With enormous working experience in India, USA and Canada, and as an immigrant to Canada he tries to simplify the cultural, economical and learning gaps by providing tailored courses to students and their parents who wish to see their child(ren) academically succeed.

Ms. Ann Lynn
Ms. Ann Lynn
English Language Arts- Jr.High School
Mr. Robert Goodson
Mr. Robert Goodson
Mathematics Expert
Mr. Richard Brown
Mr. Richard Brown
High School Mathematics
Ms. Gurpinder Dhaliwal
Ms. Gurpinder Dhaliwal
Elementary Mathematics
Ms. Cynthia Brown
Ms. Cynthia Brown
Elementary grades Reading and Writing
Tracey Simmons
Tracey Simmons
Chemistry & Biology

Happy Milestones

We Have Powerful Milestones With Fun Fact Effects.


Happy Students. Happiness is positively associated with intrinsic motivation (a personal drive to learn) for all students, and also with extrinsic motivation (outside sources like rewards, praise, or avoiding punishment) for students in grades K–3. Happiness is positively associated with GPA for students in grades 4–12.


Course Enrollments. We have served more than 1000 course enrollments within these short years. We grow strongly on the recommendations from previous students who saw success. We intake continuous enrollments with no contracts or hidden charges!


Serving the community since 2014. We are proud of out students, parents and teachers. We believe in Rigor, Relevance & Results. Way more than "Just Tutoring". Join our Team Proudly as a student , a parent or a teacher. We deliver value with CARE.


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Why Tutoring ? It is the time and money well invested.

According to experts in education, around 60-70 per cent of its students are from private/public schools, and numbers have been rising. Student body tend to fall into two groups. There are those who are struggling with a particular subject and benefit from one-to-one tuition.

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What Others Say About EDUCONSERV INC.

I normally don't put comments on any review. For this place Learning Solutions, I want to. I had been using many tutoring places including big names in Calgary. I used libraries and home tutors as well. I wasted a lot of money here and there. Finally I found this place from a friend.
I have a high school boy and junior high daughter put in this place for 6 months. I have seen a outstanding change in their grades. My kids developed a good work ethic. I am happy seeing them dong the meaningful homework provided by this institute every night.
For me the fees are cheapest in the town. I used to drive from SW to here. It is a real worth. I definitely recommend to give it a try.


Zubeida Seikh Google Review-1

This is a hidden gem for my kids. I have tried several places before but I see a significant improvement in my children especially in LA and Math. My children school teachers are very much happy with their improvements as well.
I definitely recommend this place for after school tutoring .


Sasmita K Google Review-2

Very good service. My kids love it.i definitely recommend to try. Much more worth for the fees paid. Excellent LA homework worksheets.


Jennifer Brown Google Review-3

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